RuneScape 3 is a large collection of features Jagex is currently working on, including improved graphics and audio, customizable interfaces and much more. Contrary to popular belief, RuneScape 3 has been confirmed to be one single, massive update, not a series of content updates that will be added over months of time.[1]

The following is a list of features confirmed to be included in the RuneScape 3 update. Jagex Mods have confirmed via the forums that we do not yet know of all the changes included in the RuneScape 3 update, so there are more changes yet to be announced.

The following are all confirmed updates that Jagex plans to add at some point, but it is unclear whether or not they will be included in the RuneScape 3 update.

In an email sent out to registered beta players, Jagex recommended a Intel Core i5 processor with Nvidia 200 series or equivalent GPU to have the "best experience".

Originally you stated we needed an i5 processor and Nvidia 200 series for the best experience, but the Campfire answers said you have i5s only running the Beta on medium settings. Will 30-60fps be possible on high settings?

We have not yet really concentrated on improving performance. We have a lot of features to finish off, and we need to improve the stability of the client. We should have better performance by the time we launch. For the highest settings, though, you would need a better machine.

A side-effect of porting the game to HTML5 is that the game may be playable on other devices in the future, including portable tablets and gaming consoles. Jagex has said this may be possible, assuming the device has the specs to run the game, but it is not something they are trying to accomplish at this time.[1]

On the RuneScape Official Forum there has been much discussion on RS3, including if it would be tied to the release of other updates including HTML5 implementation. With HTML5, RuneScape is said to look, sound and run much better, improving frame rates.[1] Jagex suggest a processor equivalent to an Intel i5 and a graphics card equal to or greater than that of the NVidia 200 series for the best experience.

In addition to new graphics, RS3 is confirmed to include a new interface, allowing for customization to players needs.[7] This new interface will be composed of Action windows, customized in the Management Interface, which can contain various interfaces. These Action windows can then be merged into a single window with tabs to choose the current window. Current Adrenaline, Lifepoints, Summoning points, and Prayer points will all be shown in their own bars over the action bar.[8]

There will not be a dedicated client for the HTML5 game. However, there exists a workaround to create a standalone, chromeless window in Google Chrome.

It is possible that Multithreading support will be added but this has not been confirmed. The current game has been said to be capable of multithreading, and that it simply has not been enabled.